Social Care

Our social care services are personalised to suit your needs perfectly, ensuring that you will receive the best service to meet your requirements.

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Live-In Care

Live-in home care provides your with an alternative to a residential or nursing home. When we provide you with this service a carer lives with you in your own home, providing around the clock support.

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Hospital To Home Care

Our hospital to home service enables you to return home after a stay in hospital, where we will help  you to settle back into your own familiar surroundings.

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Night Care

Our team offers two levels of night care services – waking nights and sleep in nights. The Sister’s health care team assures that the night times pass with comfort through our caring support.

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Complex Care

We provide specialist care for individuals with a wide range of needs. We understand that living with long-term and life limiting conditions can be an extreme challenge.

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End Of Life/Palliative Care

Suffering from a terminal or chronic illness can be stressful for you and your loved ones. Our Palliative care service supports you and makes life more comfortable during this difficult time. We provide services at different stages of illness; terminal or curable and during both pre or post diagnosis, cure or death bereavement

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Feel free to contact us today. we are always available to help and to answer your question or concerns.

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