Complex Care

We provide specialist care for individuals with a wide range of needs. We understand that living with long-term and life limiting conditions can be an extreme challenge. We will provide you with nursing care which is appropriate to your individual requirements.

Our Commitment


At NESI Professionals we are a specialist provider of complex care services. We understand that living with long-term and life-limiting conditions can be an extreme challenge to both you and your loved ones. The biggest fear is often the possibility of ending up in a residential or nursing home as your condition progresses. Our commitment to you is to provide you with nursing care appropriate to your individual complex care requirements, supporting and allowing you to live your own home.

We provide care for individuals with a wide range of needs to include:

  • Complex Care-Adults
  • Home Ventilatory and Respiratory Support
  • Acquired Brain and Spinal injury, Rehabilitation
  • Learning and Physical Disabilities Support
  • Palliative Care
  • 24 hour-Live-in Care

NESI Professionals will develop a detailed personalised care plan identifying all your nursing and personal care needs to help us implement your care. We continuously assess and review the care plan and adapt in line with your ever-changing needs. We will work closely with you, your family and other healthcare professionals to provide you with optimum care. We will support you and empower you to have control and choice over your care.
Complex care service is suited for individuals who:

  • Are being discharged from a higher level of care and are faced with a long recovery process.
  • Have complex care needs and are dependent on life-sustaining technology e.g. ventilators
  • Are being discharged from hospital and have significant specialised nursing and clinical needs requiring continual monitoring.
  • Have physical or learning disabilities requiring long-term support at home

Our specialist nurses and carers can offer support and care for conditions including:

  • Respiratory management
  • Management and care of those with spinal injuries
  • Medication administration
  • Total Parenteral Nutrition (TPN); PEG/PEJ and Nasogastric feeding;
  • Epilepsy management, and
  • Bladder and Bowel management.

NESI Professionals are compliant with the CQC and NMC guidelines. We have a highly experienced complex care team comprising of specialist nurses, and a quality and development team who ensure a safe, robust and high quality of care is delivered to our clients. The team undertakes internal audits, feedback and monitors the service for compliancy.